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Job interview is one of the most important steps that you will take in your job search. No matter how many interviews you attended in the past, but it can always be a nail biting task. You have to make a great impression appearance-wise and great knowledge about your company, its products and services and of course it is the best chance to prove that you are the perfect fit for the job.

Job Interview

If you are preparing for an interview, obviously these tips will help you get one step closer to that your dream job.

1.Tell me about yourself?

The interview starts with this question. The best way to prepare for this question is to prepare a short description of yourself. Avoid personal details and give 2-3 sentences about your career path, how you applying for this job, ended up with this interview. You don’t give to be too detailed.

2.Why do you want to work for this company?

When an interviewer asks this question not only do they want you to work for their company, but also  know that what you know about the company. This question test how well you know what the company does and how passionate you are about the work. Try to learn more about the company and its product and services.

3.How did you hear about this job?

When you heard this question at the interview, don’t just say you heard about this job on a website. Just go more into detail about the company.

4.Why are looking for a job?

While answering this question you need to focus on positives and be specific. This is a safe question. But see how the interviewer weed out the people who are just looking for a job or fired from the last job? Just think about why you are looking for a job. If you are graduated recently this may be your first job or if you are currently working, you need to resign from that job. Always be specific to answer this type of questions.

5. Why should we hire you?

When asked this question, keep in mind that the interviewer wants to hear what skills you have that you are going to bring to the team. Give specific answers and summarize your work history, experience, and achievements.

Interview Preparation

6.How do you deal with stress?

While answering this question will help the interviewer identify any potential red flags that might you have. You want to show that you can handle the stress professionally and positively helps you to continue working.

7.What is your salary expectation?

Some interviewer asks this question, others don’t. Be prepared. You want to make sure that you would be paid a fair wage for the value that you are going to add.

8.Do you have any questions?

This is the last question that will always be asked during an interview. Keep at least two or three questions in your mind no matter what they are. Ask questions at the end of the interview. Interviewers enjoy getting to answer some questions and they did just listen to you talk about themselves. Once this part is over you can relax and walk out of the interview knowing you aced it.