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Information Technology (IT) industry offers an assorted scope of work, serious pay rates, and an abundance of accessible positions and openings. There could be no greater chance to begin a career in the IT industry.

Data Scientist

While Data Science is a different field with a wide range of responsibilities relying upon the organization, all data scientists assess information to give business insights. Data Scientists likewise normally gather, clean, and coordinate information, and perform measurable and predictive analysis.

Skills and experience

  • Strong understanding of statistical theory and applications. Strong knowledge and hands-on experience with machine learning and big data techniques (Spark, Pig, Hive).
  • Should have coding skills and experience with at least on the high-level programming language (Python, Java, or equivalent)
  • Proven records of 3+ years of conducting data science projects.

Median annual salary: $113,000

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Software Engineer

A software engineer who is responsible for developing new or updating existing software products and programs. They work with analysts and designers. They apply programming concepts to write software programs. This role can start as an entry-level position with the opportunity to be promoted to a senior software engineer role.

Skills and Experience

  • Proficiency in multiple programming languages like Java, MySQL, Oracle, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Knowledge in SQL, relational data modeling, and basic database schema design
  • Ability to solve architectural and system issues involving scalability and relational database

Median annual salary: $92,046

Security Engineer

Security Engineer is also known as Network Engineer, they protect computer network and systems. They devise and do procedures to screen and shield delicate information and frameworks from penetration and cyberattacks.

Skills and Experience

  • Skills in computer forensic tools, technologies, and methods
  • Skills in coding languages and ability to understand mobile and malicious code
  • Understanding of risk assessment tools, technologies, and methods

Median annual salary: $100,000

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Systems Engineer

System engineers consolidate knowledge of engineering and coding to carry out computer systems for organizations and businesses. They execute new frameworks, assess execution, and correct software bugs in existing systems. Obligations might incorporate planning progress and determinations reports, keeping up with stock, and supervising finance.

Skills and Experience

  • Should know about network hardware and operating systems
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Experience with troubleshooting and fixing network issues
  • Experience with planning, design, and implementation of new network infrastructure

Median annual salary: $78,000

UX Designer

UX Designers are responsible for the look and feel of the website. They work with engineers to make site ideas and direct ease of use tests to evaluate design success.

Skills and Experience

  • Should have strong creative, technical, and problem-solving skills
  • HTML/CSS, JAVA Script skills
  • Project management and research experience
  • Should have proficiency in design software’s

ux deigners job

System Administrators

They are responsible for providing technical support for both hardware and software issues. They monitor systems and respond to software issues. Their job duties are maintaining data backups and monitoring and upgrading systems, processed and security issues.

Skills and Experience

  • Experience with VMware
  • System administration experience
  • Knowledge of security issues
  • Understanding of industry goals and practices

Median annual salary: $65,000

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