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As innovation keeps on developing the working environment has quick to follow after accordingly receiving new advancements that save time and increase efficiency. Due to COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures, many industries are hiring online.

According to the research, 89% of employers are conducting their job interviews online. Video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Skype and Google hangouts has helped recruiters to reach more candidate and offers a cost-effective way to screen prospective hires.

Virtual job interview

What is a virtual interview?

The only difference between a virtual and in-person interview is the location. A virtual interview is a job interview that allows the discussions to take place remotely with the help of video conferencing tools.

Rather than face to face the hiring manager and candidate will connect with the help of video software. The tools required for this type of meeting typically include a computer with built-in or a video camera and microphone and a reliable internet connection.

Types of Virtual Interview

There are two types of virtual interviews with only a few differences.

1.Pre-recorded interviews

This type of interview posses one-way interaction with the interviewer and review the recording software used for the interview. Here the interview questions are already set, candidates need to answer the pre-set questions and these answers were recorded and sent to the recruiter.

Interview Tips

2.Live video interviews

Live video interviews are two-way, real-time interaction with the recruiter. It is an online face-to-face interview. The questions are asked directly by the interviewer and review the conferencing software used for the interview.

How to prepare for a virtual interview?

  • Test your technology

Technical skills are considered as one of the top competencies employers look for new hires. Hiring managers can measure your abilities during a virtual interview. Try to avoid technical problems by testing your equipment before the call. You should have a reliable internet connection and make sure that your camera and headphones are working properly.

  • Choose a location with minimal distractions

The interviewer is there to see and pay attention to you. So don’t allow them any chances to be diverted by anything behind the scenes. Set yourself up in a room with good lighting, so that you can be seen clearly on the computer screen. Some video platforms like zoom give the option to choose an alternative background or blur you’re out.

  • Research about the company

You must research the company and the job you have applied for before the virtual meeting. Learning the organization’s foundation and its motivation and qualities will help you feel quiet when you address your explanations behind applying and will assist with showing trust in your capacity and experience.

Interview Tips

  • Dress for an in-person Interview

Treat your online job interview exactly as you would if you were meeting the hiring manager in person and it will help you feel more at ease to know you have dressed for the role you want.

  • Be prepare for the interview

There is no way to know what a hiring manager will ask. But there are common interview questions that you can prepare for. If you are a fresher or an experienced person preparation is a must. Prepare for the job interview exactly as you would when meeting the hiring manager in person. Practice common interview questions. Find out the tips to prepare for a job interview.

  • Don’t forget to follow up

After the interview, it’s also good form to follow up with a polite email to the person that you chatted with, thanking him or her for taking the time to speak with you.