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Working in the automotive field is a unique and challenging profession that is available to anybody energetic, paying little mind to ability level. The automotive industry is one of the rising industries in the world. There are a lot of career opportunities are available in this industry. Considering a career in the automotive field is useful to understand the responsibilities of various fields.

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The automotive industry consists of a variety of areas including maintenance, repair, sales, design, development, and customer service.

Types of careers in the automotive industry

Car Detailer

Car detailers clean the interior and exterior portion of the car by washing, vacuuming, waxing, and polishing the car. A car detailer cooperates with the clients A vehicle detailer cooperates with the clients to figure out what administrations they need and drives vehicles around their shop to finish the work.

Average salary: $11.90/hour

Tire Technician

A Tire technician repair and replace tires and provide a smooth ride for the driver. They are knowledgeable about various tires including winter tires, off-road tires. A tire expert can be utilized by a tire mechanics shop or a car specialist group at an enormous auto body shop.

Average Salary: $15.42/hour

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Auto body repair Technician

They are liable for securely and proficiently fixing vehicle outlines, suspensions, gouges, windows, wheel arrangement after a vehicle is damaged. They are focus on the exterior and non-mechanical components of the vehicle. Auto body technicians directly interact with the customers in the shop and have strong customer service and business skills to give customers to estimate the time and cost required to repair their vehicle.

Average Salary: $20.06/hour

Auto Mechanic

The main duty of an auto mechanic is to doing routine maintenance, diagnostic testing, and mechanical repairs. They know about mechanical frameworks and guarantees that the vehicle is safe to operate when given back to the owner.

Average Salary: $21.25/hour

Career in automobile industry

Auto Electrician

Auto electrician manages the entire electrical system of a vehicle. They are focus on electrical issues within the vehicle. The main responsibility of an auto electrician is inspecting, repairing, and maintaining vehicles headlights, dashboard warning lights, alarm system, circuit boards, and starter motor.

Average Salary: $25.79/hour

Car salesperson

Salesperson assists customers to find a new vehicle to buy, Clarifies the advantages and drawbacks of the vehicle models. They build a relationship with the clients and understand their needs and requirements. They are likewise bands together with the marketing team to contact new and potential clients.

Average Salary: $61,111/year