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Clinical Research Recruitment 

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Another branch of the healthcare sector that is extensively in demand in the Canadian job market, is an area Venus Consultancy specializes in. For work that requires the best qualifications and practice, our employment agency offers a pool of talent to choose from. Candidates are chosen after going through our five-step recruitment process for the best job match.


Clinical research, which leads to the development of new and better health products and services that save lives and eases suffering. The clinical research field provides employment and creates economic opportunities worldwide, including Canada. It makes our health system more efficient, effective, and in many cases more economical.


Finding Clinical Research professionals for key skills is becoming difficult for Clinical Research Organization (CRO) and small and mid-size pharmaceuticals. Our team helps to find the best professional and cultural fit for your organization. We specialize in placing General Practitioners, Nurses, Therapists, Medical Writers, Regulatory professionals, and Project Managers having experience with specific therapeutic areas, Oncology, COVID-19, infectious disease, respiratory, dermatology, women’s health, medical device, or any specific indications.


If you are looking for top talent in a Clinical research positioncontact us today to learn more about recruitment for clinical research jobs. We are the top clinical research recruiters in Canada. Our specialized team connects our client with a range of talent across the clinical research Industry.

 For Employers

Whether you are looking for a job consultant to help with a project or a dynamic and well-motivated new employee, we are confident that we can deliver highly talented candidates for the role.

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Looking to advance your career? Our recruiters are connected to the biggest names in the healthcare and life science industry. We can help you to achieve the goal.

Venus Consultancy offers staffing for these Clinical Research positions.



 Market Research

Regulatory Affairs

Supply Chain Management

Clinical Trials Assistant

Clinical Research

Business Development


Chemical Engineering

Laboratory Support

Quality Control


Reasons to choose Venus Consultancy for recruiting Clinical Research positions.

Great Connections

Recruiting for Clinical Research work positions can be challenging due to being the most in demand in Toronto. With our widespread network and connections created throughout the years, we have a special access to individuals who possess the skills of this level. Contact our agency for more details.

Successful Hiring Process

Our hiring process has been built and tested for a very long time. With our successful formula, we have placed talents over the best companies in the country and globally. We specialize in finding talents that are meant to change the future of your company. We valued the need of your company and match with talent that will lead your company to success.

Experienced Professionals

 With providing more than 15,000 and counting talents to 100 + companies, our expertises has become solid and the most trusted amongst our clients and candidates. With giving quality successful staffing solutions over the years, Venus Consultancy is one of the best in business.


Learn from the employees and employers how they experience with Venus Hiring services.



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