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Manufacturing and Skilled Trade

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Operations is the most vital area of a business to determine the effective operations of your company in the future. Choose from Venus Consultancy’s pool of talent for operations that are essential to your business. From manufacturing experts to special skilled trade candidate, we have it all in our diverse pool of talent.

 Find skilled trades now! Skilled trade represents a large number of professions. These professions involve working by hand and requires specialized training. 

 Manufacturing Industry is a keystone of our modern economy. Manufacturing jobs are high-demand jobs in Canada. These jobs create products directly from either raw materials or components. Canada’s manufacturing industry has a huge potential for contributing to Canada’s economy. Manufacturing industries have become advanced over the years, with the high level of technologies and innovations brought to the sector with the help of researchers, programmers, and tradespeople.

 We are the best staffing agencies for manufacturing and skilled trade jobs. Are you searching for top-quality candidates for your company, our experts will help to hire the best candidate. Our specialization includes: Supply Chain, construction, logistics, warehousing, trades, and more. Are you looking for a Skilled trades job? Contact us Now!



Venus Consultancy offers staffing for these Manufacturing & Skilled Trade positions.



Supply Chain






Health & Safety





Lean Six Sigma


Project Management

 Process Improvement

Business & Strategic Planning and Facilities Management in B2B & B2C


Consumer Packaged Goods


Life Sciences

Why choose Venus Consultancy for recruiting IT Professionals? 

Great Connections

Recruiting IT Professionals can be challenging in the over competitive market of Toronto. With our widespread network and connections created throughout the years, we have a special access to individuals who possess the skills of this level. 

Successful Hiring Process

Our hiring process has been built and tested for a very long time. With our successful formula, we have placed talents over the best companies in the country We specialize in finding talents that are meant to change the future of your company.

Experienced Professionals

With providing more than 15,000 and counting talents to 100 + companies, our expertise has become solid and the most trusted amongst our clients and candidates. Venus Consultancy is one of the best in business.


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