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C-suite: Executive & Board Recruitment

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Executive search services are designed to help companies find and hire the best C-Suite and executive level leaders for their organization. The process involves identifying candidates who not only have the necessary skills and experience, but also share the company’s values and fit well within its culture. This is critical, as the success of these high-level positions can have a significant impact on the overall success of the company.

Recruitment of this position is the most essential and critical for any business. These are the individuals that will shape the future of your companies. Therefore, we prioritize and give the highest levels of attention when recruiting the C-suite executive level positions. Through our hiring process, we find leaders who will take your business to a new level of heights.

Recruiting leadership talent is one of the most difficult tasks that a company can undertake. Leaders carry the experience, professional network, and tenacity needed to develop the type of candidates that today’s business landmarks require. Hiring C-Suite executives allows you to take a closer look at the company’s top priorities and make hiring decisions accordingly.

Venus Consultancy is the top executive search firms in Canada, provides the best talents for your company’s executive-level positions from our pool of talents. We recruit the positions for Chief Executive officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), General Manager, Country Manager and many.

Choose best candidates for your company’s executive roles. We are the leading executive search firms and recruitment agency in Canada. We help you to get the perfect match for the position.

Venus Consultancy offers staffing for these C-suite executive level positions.

Board Search
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
General Manager
Country Manager

Why choose Venus Consultancy for recruiting executive level positions?

Great Connections

Staffing of positions of this level is the most difficult as the best talent is usually hidden. With our widespread network and connections created throughout the years, we have a special access to individuals who possess the skills of this level. 

Successful Hiring Process

Our hiring process has been built and tested for a very long time. With our successful formula, we have placed talents over the best companies in the country and globally. We specialize in finding talents that are meant to change the future of your company.

Experienced Professionals

With providing more than 15,000 and counting talents to 100 + companies, our expertises has become solid and the most trusted amongst our clients and candidates. With giving quality successful staffing solutions over the years, Venus Consultancy is one of the best in business.


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