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IT Outsourcing

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IT Outsourcing

To meet the ends of your daily hustle and save on cost, Venus Consultancy provides a flexible IT staffing solution that works best for your company. We hire and manage the best talent chosen from the very competitive market of Information Technology (IT). Talent is difficult to find, therefore let Venus Consultancy do that for you.

  Outsourcing includes shifting the tasks, processes, and operations to an external third-party service provider for a particular period. Businesses generally do this to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The outsourced functions may be performed by a third party either on-site or off-site of the business .

IT Outsourcing services are becoming very popular across the world due to the emerging profits and efficient services. Today every organization is involved in outsourcing.

With an increasing demand for building top-rated digital products, the IT Outsourcing industry is rapidly growing.  Clients are looking for  trusted software development partners that can offer not only technical support but also highly specialized skills and knowledge.


We provide IT Outsourcing for the areas of Call Center Support, Technical Support, Business Development, Application Development, IT Security, Application Management, Network operations, web operations, devOps Services system implementation, and integration. If you are searching for IT outsourcing services in Canada, Contact us Today!


Why consider outsourcing?

If you are not sure about outsourcing here are few benefits to get you thinking:

Cost effective approach

Little or no capital investment needed

Build connection for future

Give importance to more important business issues. 

Access to skilled expertise

Obtain staffing flexibility

Outsource for these roles or anything beyond

Web development


Software and application development

Website/application maintenance or management

Technical support

Database development and management



Why choose Us? 

Great Connections

With our widespread network and connections created throughout the years, we have a special access to individuals who possess the skills of this level. 

Successful Hiring Process

Our hiring process has been built and tested for a very long time. With our successful formula, we have placed talents over the best companies in the country and globally. We specialize in finding talents that are meant to change the future of your company.

Experienced Professionals

With providing more than 15,000 and counting talents to 100 + companies, our expertises has become solid and the most trusted amongst our clients and candidates. With giving quality successful staffing solutions over the years, Venus Consultancy is one of the best in business.


Learn from the employees and employers how they experience with Venus Hiring services.



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