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Disability inclusion is remembering people with disabilities in everyday activities and encouraging them to have played with their peers who don’t have a disability. It ensures that everybody has the same opportunity to participate in every aspect of life. It involves encouraging individuals to make sure that proper policies and practices are in effect in the community or organization.

Disability Inclusion at work place

Socially expected activities may incorporate engaging in social activities, utilizing public assets like transportation and libraries, moving about within communities, receiving adequate health care, having connections, and enjoying other day-to-day activities.

What is Disability Inclusion at the workplace?

Disability Inclusion at the workplace is more than hiring individuals with disabilities. An inclusive workplace values all individuals for their qualities. It offers employees with disabilities, an equivalent chance to succeed, to learn, to be remunerated decently, and to progress. Genuine inclusion is about embracing difference.

inclusive workforce

Disability inclusion is a critical part of any business and also it is crucial to your hiring process. Companies that are not interested in this disability inclusion, are losing out talented people. If candidates face obstructions during the application and screening, or on the other hand if they sense that your business isn’t inclusive, they’re probably going to look somewhere else.

Organizations with solid disability inclusion programs have better access to talent and better employee retention. They have the tools that they need to help their employee thrive.

Expand your talent pool

Individuals with disabilities represent a talent pool:

  • One adult in four has some sort of disability, whether visible or invisible
  • People with disabilities are hired at a lower rate than when compared with their peers.
  • Most people with disabilities are striving to work.

Strengthen your workforce

diversity at the workplace

Disability Inclusion will strengthen your workforce. Every company needs a disability program to support its employees. Without this, your company won’t thrive. An inclusive workforce can create morale and workplace culture. It makes an important message about your company’s values. An inclusive workplace not only supports people with disabilities but also creates a more accepting and supporting workplace for all employees.