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Whether you are looking to start a new job or changing career, it is important to understand the current job market trends. Pursuing an in-demand career position for more opportunities and helping to achieve professional goals as well as personal goals.

In demand, careers are a profession that offers long-term career growth and has multiple open positions. Information Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Trades are the in-demand industries in Canada. There are many high-demand jobs available in Canada for the next few years that offer great opportunities since employers need quality workers due to labor shortages. Here we listed below 5 high-demand jobs in Canada.


1.Registered Nurses

Registered nurse jobs in Canada

Registered Nurses (RN) provide primary care to patients. They instruct the public on the program and provide consultation services related to nursing practices. RNs can also work in a clinic, schools, assisted living facilities homes and more.

Responsibilities Includes:

  • Monitoring and managing mediations to patients.
  • Keeping and updating patients information
  • Coordinating with other members to implement and evaluate patient care plans.
  • Educating patients and family members about treatments and plans.


Registered Nurse should complete a university degree or other nursing programs. They must register with the nursing regulatory body in the province or territory.

National average salary: $79,577 per year

2.Software EngineerSoftware engineers job

Software engineers are responsible developing codes or programs and updating existing software products.


  • Developing and testing software systems
  • Determining users software needs
  • Documenting systems or applications for future use
  • Collaborating with the team to create a software program.


Software engineers need a bachelor’s degree in Computer science engineering or software engineering. Should have advanced knowledge of programming languages and experience with several software engineering projects.

National average salary: $89,234 per year


Pharmacists jobs in Canada

The Pharmacist will dispense drugs to the patients and giving instructions about medications and their usage. They work with physicians, pharmacist technicians, and other employees at the pharmacy.


  • Checking prescriptions for proper usage
  • Giving instructions to the patients about the medications
  • Participate in research for new drugs.


Pharmacists need a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and need a license to practice.

National average salary: $101,694 per year

4.Financial Advisor

financial advisor jobs

Financial Advisor helps people to manage their finances and reach financial goals.


  • Assessing client’s financial positions using data
  • Developing financial plans
  • Monitoring client’s financial situation
  • Updating investments periodically


Financial Advisors need a bachelor’s degree in Finance. They must register with Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA). Also, should have certified Financial Planner (CFP) Certification.

National average salary: $58,794 per year

5.Industrial Electrician

Industrial electrician jobs in Canada

They are specialized electricians, they install, maintain, and repair industrial electrical equipment.


  • Reading and interpreting specifications
  • Grounding electrical systems
  • Troubleshooting electrical control systems.
  • Conducting regular maintenance on electrical equipment and keeping maintenance records.


Industrial Electricians must complete post-secondary school education. They must also complete an industrial electrician apprenticeship or have five years of work experience.

National average salary: $79,085 per year

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